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New 19.5" Tires for Public Transportation

Conti Urban HA3

  • Continental extends range of tires for public transportation on city and regional urban buses with the new Conti Urban HA3 265/70 R 19.5
  • 20 percent increase in service life, high levels of driving safety and low rolling noise due to new rubber compound
  • High retreadability for optimal cost-effectiveness

Hanover, April 23, 2015. The German premium tire manufacturer Continental is expanding its range of passenger tires with the Conti Urban HA3. The new 19.5-inch tire has been especially developed for use on medium-sized city buses. The newly developed rubber compound of the Conti Urban HA3 265/70 R19.5 guarantees a particularly long service life even in challenging inner-city stop-and-go traffic conditions with regular braking and accelerating. In addition, the reinforced sidewalls make the tire resistant to frequent contact with curb stones which cannot be avoided in public transport operation. 


The new Conti Urban HA3 265/70 R19.5 for use in medium-sized city buses guarantees a long service life and optimal driving safety all year round.

The new Conti Urban HA3 265/70 R19.5 guarantees superb handling and excellent grip—ensuring the comfort and safety of passengers. The increased rubber ratio in the new compound strengthens the tire sidewalls, forming a particularly robust tire contour together with the steel cord casing. This contour is very forgiving of frequent contact with curb stones at bus stops.

The sipes, which reach the base of the grooves in the tread, also ensure optimal lane tracking over the entire service life of the premium tire—even in wet conditions.
And it's not only the rubber compound for the tread that has been recently adjusted—the tread design with its high wear volume, "plus volume pattern", is also a new feature. Together they increase the service life of the Conti Urban HA3 by up to 20 percent when compared with conventional regional tires.
The Conti HA3 19.5 can be used on all axles. Regrooving indicators to mark the possible regrooving depth are integrated into the tread. Regrooving gives tires a longer service life with a lower rolling resistance—directly impacting the cost-effectiveness of the fleet. Like all Generation 3 bus tires, the casing of the Conti Urban HA3 R 265/70 R19.5 can also be retreaded, giving it a second tire life; a direct competitive advantage for urban bus companies under pressure to reduce costs.

The Conti Urban HA3 265/70 R19.5 is labeled with the M+S symbol, which makes year-round use of the tire possible in many European regions.

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